Porsche Panamera 4S

Tech Specs

Engine Engine
Gas, 4.8L V8
Car Seats Car Seats
Transmission Transmission
7-speed automated manual
Fuel Economy(CTY/HWY) Fuel Economy
16/24 mpg
Drivetrain Drivetrain
Rear Wheel Drive
HorsePower HorsePower
Miles Included Miles Included


Stand out from the rest by renting the best - the Porsche Panamera 4S from Prestige Luxury Rentals. Why settle for less than the legendary hallmarks of Porsche - luxury with all the safety and performance features you have come to expect. The Porsche Panamera 4S delivers quality and speed, with zero to 60 in 4.5 seconds and 420 horsepower, and a sleek body design that is guaranteed to generate envious stares. This is the ride that gives you the sports car vibe with sedan appeal.Comfort assured, with heated leather seats, classic Porsche design and only top safety features for a worry free drive, the Panamera 4S is a joy to drive, whether the road takes you to the hot spots in town or for the roads less traveled, enjoy the journey in the driver's seat of this all wheel drive vehicle, yours to enjoy from Prestige Luxury Rentals. The four-door four-seat sports car has room enough to take your crew along or to cruise solo, plus offers style to match your expectations, and features that promise reliability and convenience, such as the puncture sealing tires, and the one and only Porsche Stability Management to ensure stability and improved traction. With standard safety features, such as anti-lock brakes,and 10 airbags (front, front side, front knee, rear side and full-length side curtain), you are guaranteed a safe ride.With this model, a twin turbo charged, direct injected V6 engine powers your drive of that legendary Porsche experience. This technology means it's powerful, even more so than some V8 engines, but is also fuel efficient. Face it, who wants to spend time filling up at the gas pump when there is driving — Porsche style driving — to do.If you demand a level of satisfaction at the top of the scale in everything you do, the Porsche Panamera 4S delivers. If upscale comfort, ultimate performance and a expectation of luxury is on your list, this is the rock star of luxury cars. Take a seat behind the steering wheel, feel that energy pulse through the engine and be prepared to be wowed.Developed by a company who prides itself on tradition, innovation and a harmony of design, the Panamera 4S continues that legacy, but in a way that is right for today's generation of drivers. Porsche says its cars are "more than just a vehicle. It is an expression of freedom and a unique attitude to life. It is the realization of a unique dream." That dream, that expression can be yours. Experience the Panamera 4S and embrace the dream, brought to you by Prestige Luxury Rentals.