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Beginners Guide to understand American Football

Many women love sports, which are equal to or more passionate than men, so much so that sports are one of the themes that dominate perfectly.

However, others not so much, so sports is not our forte, but that do not mean that we cannot learn. Perhaps all we need is to know what the game consists of, the rules and the basic points that must be taken into account.

Among the reasons that could encourage us to learn what a sport consists of would be: the increase in living with our father, brothers, cousins ​​or partner.

Also, we could understand more clearly why that sport makes them overwhelm so much emotion. But perhaps the most motivating reason to understand a sport would be … Not having to wait part time – as in the Super Bowl – to enjoy.

In this article, we will give you a small guide to understand American Football before you reach the football stadium on your exotic car rental Atlanta to watch your favorite sport.

What You Should Know About the Game?

The game lasts one hour, divided into 4 quarters of 15 minutes each. But the game can last for up to 3 hours due to the frequency with which the game stops for issues such as: fouls (handkerchiefs), advances, setbacks, and reviews of the plays.

There are 22 members, for each team 11 play on the offensive, and 11 on the defensive.

Before each game, a “fly” is thrown so that the team that wins the fly, choose whether to kick or receive the ball – that is, if it starts with defence or offense; The team that loses chooses its court.

All plays start from the “hit line” (“scrimmage”), where the two teams are formed. The ball is placed on the field and the player called “center” is the one who starts the service, under the orders of the quarterback or quarterback.

Start of the Game

E l defensive team is responsible to start the match with a kick – also known as kick-off – from the A30 so that attackers catch the ball and start their offensive series.

Among the 11 players of each team, there is a quarterback, who is the one who throws the ball or gives it to a teammate (carry) to make a play that can end in a score.

The field measures 100 yards and each move seeks to advance 10 yards. When the team advances 10 yards -or more-, the famous “First down” or “First and ten” is achieved, which means first chance to advance another ten yards.

Teams only have four opportunities to advance 10 yards and get another down; when a team did not advance the ten yards in their first three possessions, they use the fourth to kick the ball. Thus, although he loses possession, he ensures that the opponent starts his as far as possible.

The rival team to get the ball gets its first down and starts its offensive series.

How to Get Points in the Game?

To get points in favour there are different ways:

Touchdown: It is when the team travels the pitch and manages to get a player to reach the end zone with the ball, without the ball touching the ground or any of his feet stepping off the field, or just by breaking the imaginary plane of the end zone with the ball; this is how the player scores a touchdown. Give 6 points.

Extra points: The teams have two options: Extra point, which is when they kick the ball and have to enter the poles, its value is 1 point, or a conversion, which consists of making another play and trying to get 2 more points.

Field goal: The kicker has to put the ball in the post. Give 3 points.

Safety: When an offensive player is stopped in his scoring zone. Give 2 points.

Possession Change

The game is won by those who make fewer mistakes, for this we must avoid losing the ball, there are two main ways to lose possession of it:

Interception: An intercepted pass is one in which the quarterback (the one who throws the ball) throws a pass and a player from the other team steals it in the air.

Loose ball (‘fumble’): It is when the ovoid falls from the hands of a player and another from the opposite side (rival player) recovers it.

This makes players enter into a fun battle to recover the ball, so much so that sometimes they manage to resemble cartoons. A “loose ball” can be committed by any player.

The Winner

Logically, the team that earns the most points wins, however, in case of a tie at the end of the regular time, you have to resort to overtime. In those minutes the team that first scores a touchdown, field goal or safety, is who wins the game and who is awarded the trophy. Now hope you have basic knowledge about American football, so what are you waiting for? Book a luxury rentals car and go to watch your favorite game.

How to Visit Art Basel Miami Beach2019?

Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the biggest Comprehensive international art exhibition showing works by more than 4,000 artists across 35 countries. The fair is going to held on December 5-8, 2019 and it is excepted that this fair is going to attract more than 83,000 art dealers, artists, collectors, and fans. This fair is going to attract many rich art lovers across the globe because this whirlwind week of art and parties that are perfect for Miami.

Basel Art is the world that shows international art premier for modern and contemporary art. A large number of artists, such as the great masters of modern art and the latest generation of new stars, are represented in several sections of the program. Visitors can see high-quality art and get an entertaining program on the side with the theatre and much more. Therefore, Art | Basel is a meeting place for the world of world art, including art collectors, art dealers, artists, curators, and other art enthusiasts.


About Art Basel Miami Beach2019 


In Art Basel Miami Beach2019, the show space at the Miami Beach Convention Center is separated into areas: Galleries, Nova, Positions, Edition, Cabinet, Poll, Meridians, and Magazines. Exhibitions fill in as the focal component of the show, where universal displays feature crafted by the specialists they speak to.

Segments isolate the reasonable into discrete curatorial spaces. Nova grandstands new, front line work from new craftsmen and displays. Meridians are the most up to date segment, whose custodian is situated in Mexico City Magali Arriola in the new Big Ballroom of the congress focus, where stupendous works are exhibited, including huge scale figures, establishments, and execution.

Cabinet centers around crafted by one craftsman or topical gathering presentation. The audit is committed to ventures on the historical backdrop of workmanship, extending from solo shows to topical displays with chosen exhibitions. A progression of discussions is additionally held consistently, running from board exchanges to addresses.

The open segment is situated in Collins Park in a joint effort with The Bass and highlights intriguing models and site-explicit figures. The open division is free and open to people in general and passes to the Art Basel in the conference hall start at $ 65 for each individual.


How to visit Art Basel Miami Beach2019? 


If you’re planning to visit attend the art Basel Miami2019, then there many easy and comfortable means of transport you can take. You can visit Miami Art Basel by air and land to Miami international and airport you can take and public convenience or hire a luxury car to reach to the spot.


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